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What's a good anime for my 9 year old little sister?
powerpuff girls z is good for guys i guess but im not sure she can read fast enouph. and her and her bffs always talk about ***** and make their barbies have sex, so... any recomendationzzz???

(my sis is preverted)
Pokemon Season 1 Box Set - Indigo League (2006)
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Boyfriend and anime troubles, what do you guys think?
my boyfriend actually gets jealous of anime guys! it's ridiculous, he actualy gets mad over it like today I was sitting in my room with him and he wanted to make out but I've been sick and I didn't really feel like it today and he got mad and was like "I bet you'd make out with that edward elric guy if he came to life and tried to get with you!" JERK! I mean seriously he's a cartoon, I don't know he's being ridiculous and it's just making me mad and he told me he would like it if I stopped watching anime with guys in it, yeah like that's possible, how many all girl animes are out there hmmmm I don't know like none! we've been dating for almost a year and I think I love him and I would do watever he asked me to except for when he's a dick

what do you guys think, it doesn't matter what just tell me, I'm lost

That kind of jealousy is a little on the irrational side. Well, there are ways to solve this conflict though. Tell him to stop watching movies or anime with attractive female characters. ;) Or act like him!
Good romance/comedy anime?
Here's some that I've watched so far:

Ah! My Goddess - OVA, Movie, 1st Season, 2nd Season, 3rd Season
Aoi Yori Aoshi - 1st and 2nd Season
Akane-iro Somaru Saka - currently watching
Baby Love
Bakuretsu Hunters - TV and OVA
Clannad - 1st Season + Tomoyo after (will watch second season after it finishes airing for better viewing)
Denshin Mammotte Shugogetten!
Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventures
Elemental Gelade
Final Approach
Flame of Recca - (action oriented)
Full Metal Panic - 1st, TSR, Fumoffu (action oriented)
Futari Ecchi
Girls Bravo - 1st and 2nd Season
Golden Boy
Good Morning Call
H2O Footprints in the Sand
Hanaukyo Maid - Tai, La Verite, OVA
Hand Maid May - TV, OVA
Hayate no Gotoku!
Inukami! - TV, Movie
Itsudatte My Santa!
Kage Kara Mamoru!
Kanon - 2006
Kemeko Deluxe! - currently watching
Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho - (ecchi oriented)
Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de
Kimi Kiss Pure Rogue
Koharu Biyori
Love Hina - TV, OVA, Special
Lovely Complex
Macademi Wasshoi! - currently watching
Macross Frontier
Nagasarete Airantou
Nanatsuiro Drops
Narue no Sekai
Negima - Mahou, Negima!?, OVA
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
Onegai Sensei!
Onegai Twins
Prism Ark
Ragnarok the Animation - (action oriented)
Rental Magica - (romance for comedy relief)
Rosario + Vampire - 1st, 2nd (currently watching)
Saber Marionette J
Seikai No Senki
Seto no Hanayome
Shakugan no Shana - 1st, 2nd
Spice and Wolf
Steel Angel Kurumi - 1st, OVA
Tenchi Muyo! - 1st OVA, 2nd OVA, 3rd OVA, GXP, Night Before the Carnival, Movies
To Heart 2 - TV, OVA, OVA AD
To Love-Ru
Toradora! - currently watching
Triangle Hearts
True Tears
Tsukuyomi Moon Phase
UFO Princess Valkyrie - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
Utawarerumono - (action oriented)
Zero no Tsukaima - 1st, 2nd, 3rd

I'm looking for some good animes with BOTH romance and comedy in it; not so big on horror and gore, I'm very picky on those. Solid romantic drama is dull for my taste, thus I need the comedic relief.

Male leads that act like ***** and asshats are so-so, I neither hate nor like them. A little insight, most of the anime I've listed have male leads that start out as a bunch of losers, and later on they develop. Those reach the peak of my interest. Also, I've read the manga adaptations for these anime if they had any.

Please do NOT list any hentai titles. Ecchi genre is cool though. Lastly, do not just list any random titles that you've searched for in whatever anime site, you'd just be seen to be answering for points. Give insight if possible, although I'm sure that you liked a series you will give a good word for it.


Fullmetal Alchemist has it's random moments of comedy. It's an overall very good anime. Although Ed can be a bit of an ***, so I'm not sure if you'd like it or not. If you read manga's at all - FMA makes a much better manga than an anime - the original storyline is incredible, where as A LOT was cut in the anime.

Also FLCL is very funny - but also a bit crazy and somewhat hard to understand if you miss any [although there is only 6 or 7 episodes]. Actually, the anime is hard to understand the first time even if you see them all. LOL. It's very random, but extremely funny.

DN Angel is also decent, although I've only seen the first three episodes so far. I'm not to sure on names yet, but it is a "nobody" story - where the quiet loser guy turns into this kick-*** guy.


EDIT: Inuyasha was WAY to long! I lost interest in it by the 150th episode. It just felt like it was constantly being repeated and got mundane after a bit. It was one of those that had a good idea but didn't turn out that well.
My 10year old brother is reading porn from the internet!!>???
i was passing by him and he was on the computer and i saw him looking at disgusting pictures of like naked girls (anime/manga) and they were like stripping and i swear one of them was like.... EWWWW i don't even wan to think about it... i've been scarred for lifee......
so i was like O.o holy--- and he was like rubbing his dick....
isnt he a bit too young...hes only 10
then he FINALLY noticed i was there for like a minute staring O.o and he was like: it was a pop up i was on the wrong page" and he was soooooo lying.
what do i dooo!!!!! helpp! its scary....*shiver*
Time to talk to Mom and Dad.
What should I do if I have feelings for another girl?
At first when I saw her, I treat her as a good friend just like everybody else. And I didn't have any feelings for her, but when I talk to her and we play together and socialize more, I feel like I really do like her. She draws anime, plays games, probably better than me lol! I too have some qualities as well but not entirely the same but I am an anime lover, photoshop, dreamweaver, and somewhat a first person shooter and strategy, and a Design Student.

I really like her, and I was wondering what I should do if I want to become more than friends. I've never been on a real date so probably I don't have much dating experience, and I'm turning 19 and she's probably 17.

P.s. My personality is weird, and she accepts me for who I am. And I feel comfortable just being myself around her. Whilst some other girls find me a dick for calling them pretty and stuff lol, but hey I say pretty to every girl even if they're not pretty on the outside.
seems like you two have a lot in common. ask her out and if she turns you down it's okay at least you know you have a great friend and she'll be in your life. don't change who you are especially if she already likes you for who you are. Just ask her out and it'll be okay.
How come a lotta women are against dating asians?
Im asian and I think women of all races are hot in their own way and a lotta guys agree with me. but i was wondering how come a lot of women, even asian women, are against dating asian guys??? i always get stereotyped because of my race and women think im boring, nerdy, watch anime, have a small dick, or think women as second class citizens which i dont at all. i dont know why most dont just gimme a chance for a date to see what kind of person i am. do women really believe in all those stereotypes?

Also I'm not judging, it's what my friends tell me what the girls say after they hesitate to hang out with me
You answered your own question. They are against dating asians because (and here's where I cut and paste) they "always get stereotyped because of my race and women think im boring, nerdy, watch anime, have a small dick".

Looks like you're plumb shiit outta luck, there, hop sing.
Family guy, "Prick up your ears"?
"prick up your ears", WTF?!
theres a part where lois "rapes"peter, even after he says he wont have sex. he says no, no,no. and yet i have seen not 1 person say anything about this-now i ask you flip this where lois gets raped and everyone flips out.
i asked my cousin when we were watchin another anime where a girl gets raped and my cousin a girl-"thats disgusting, i hope he gets his dick cut off!" and yet when watching family guy-"oh my got what a tard!"
i asked her why the difference, she said- "its because men are stronger, he could defend himself if he wanted too."
but if you ever waqtch the episode, he tries to get away and screams no, no, no.
i know this is just cartoons, but its the moral of it. i feel as though the world says men cannot be violated without being a fag.
it is an interesting point of view, because if peter had to use violence to stop the rape he would find himself in a bigger problem, and if a woman uses the TAE-BO exercise move she learned this morning at a moment of rape she would probably be labeled as a heroine... it also reminds me of that episode where the family was at a soccer match and peter punches a pregnant lady who started some ****, i think that if women want equal rights, then equality lays on a more balanced judgment of the actions
Punch him in the face... I really don't know what to think about this anymore... Did I wait too long for this?
I've looked at other similar questions to the one I'm about to ask, but I though I'd ask it myself as well so I can get answeres that are tailored specifically to me and my situation.

I've been with the same guy for six years now, and he absolutely makes me sick to my stomach. I think he's a selfish dirty pig and every time I see him, at least once throughout the day I have the urge to punch him in the face for all the **** he's put me through.

I've been with him since I was thirteen, and for the past three years of our relationship, he's cheated non - stop. He was addicted to sex. It's obvious. He got a felony and a misdemeanor sex charge for looking in people's windows. He used to go online and put pictures of his dick up and post ads for girls and go on Myspace and tons of other sites looking for relatively local girls. Probably still does too. He disgusts me. Period.

He refuses to get help. He won't go to Sex Addicts Anonymous. He doesn't see his doctor for his manic depression regularly. I've gotten him two books, neither of which he read. Then, I convinced him to buy himself a third and all he did was complain about it and return it and buy anime posters and a video game instead. He disgusts me.

The last time that he cheated on me was in August - October with two different easy chics from the internet. Of course. They were those type that were ugly and insecure and have sex with any guy that wants to just so that they have a guys attention and "love". Omg stupid.

After three years of cheating, I always honestly and truly forgave him in my heart every single time, except for this last set of times. I wanted to forgive him, but my heart and my mind just won't let me. Something in my mind has snapped and won't let me get myself ****** over by him again. I just don't love him. He's nothing positive in my life. In fact, he's the center of every negative thing that happens to me.

I really want out of this relationship. I've been trying a lot recently but he won't let me go. He's been abusive both physically and verbally so many times in the past but that's a different story. He's been so many things in the past that an hour of typing wouldn't even get through 1/16 of it all. Seriously.

What do I do? He's promised me YET AGAIN he'll change this time, but so far, he's broken every single ******* promise at least once. Do I give this ****** one last try? We're suppossed to be ENGAGED but I know damn well in my heart and in my mind that that's not what I want from him at all. He makes okay company, that's it. He's not even a good listener or anything that could enrich my life.

I'm in the process of a few different legal degrees, about to get my first one this upcoming semester, about to land a great job at a law firm, planning to continue on to law school to become a lawyer. This guy is a two - time FELON with five misdemeanors. He makes me look like trash and otherwise just plain brings me down.

What would you do? What should I do? Stay with the ****** and give him another chance out of Christmas spirit (because if I'm breaking up with him I'm doing it this weekend right away so his mom can take care of him) or leave him and run with my dignity before he takes the rest of that away too?

This guy, when I look into his eyes, I no longer feel even the slightest ounce of love. All I see is a piece of ****. I wanna punch him in his lying mouth. I wanna spit in his face. He's not worth the abuse that he made me endure for his own happiness. You only live once; you should make it your best. He's enjoyed his life, at my cost. I've had nothing but stress and bullshit in my life for three years now, because of his actions and inactions.

Advise me.

This question is one of the one's that I read that portrays a situation with a lot of similarities and same emotions as mine.;…

sounds like a douche. sounds like your the back up sex partner if he cant find anyone else.... next time
be safe, make sure you bring a condom and rape him with stds.
Hi I haas a serious question please help i need heplp pleas?
So I'm the new guy in the school for about 14 weeks now lol, before I start ill just list facts to help with the people who answers my question :)

So I'm short, I weigh 29 KG(Yes I weigh that much), Im VERY skinny, I have hair like Justin Bieber lol, I'm very smart, I'm VERY lazy, Im exactly like Shikamaru from Naruto, the genius who just doesnt care and wants to sleep all day, I'm very shy, Petrified from bullies, I am a typical video game nerd!, After exposure to a lot of girl stuff at a young age I'm very sensitive, Cry easily, and a hopeless romantic,Im a guy,I hate sports, I like cooking and baking, So Im very girly(But not gay),Im a gleek, and I love this girl at my new school

Yes I know some of this is useless but again I just write everything in mind

So I met her 4 the 1st time in our freetime due to not being arabic nor understanding it(I know how to read and write arabic but thats something the teachers dont know lol) It was a perfect 1st impression she laughed alot, that I coudnt stop thinking about her literally,We always talk in our freetime which is everyday and its just me and her cuz were the only ones,

little detour, we both like anime, videogames!!!!!!(OMG I nearly screamed when I heard that she was a gamer),she got ban in Xbox live due to swearing to much! :( there goes my chances of playing with her, we both like the same songs, we both agree on everything, she laughs at everyone one of my jokes

Anyway I have a bad past of girls and crushes, Girls says I have the looks and the charms but not the BALLS, Did I mention I asked her out on the 2nd at that school, she was busy :( really awkward but both of us just forgot about that day or so I think! That maybe an obvious clue that I like her YIKES!!!! For decades I always let my crushes past by me as I sit idly by and than I get crushed and sing sad songs, particularly the old song called "All by myself" in my room with the curtains closed and the doors lock

In the school theres only 17 7th graders(my grade) in the school, and all of the guys are douchebags!(They keep talking bout' sex and dark stuff) exept for 2 of them, their my friends, the only reason I stay in that goddamn school is her

Now lets talk bout her, She is the total opposite of me and yet everything of me, she is a bad girl(she is the typical "I dont care about school" and I hate the goddamn teachers type) but she is really nice, caring, funny in person,she is VERY dumb(Im the smartest :(), She ALWAYS hangs out with the bad guys which is literally all the 7th,8th,9th,10th, graders boys at school, all of them are bullies, and I'm the nerd, ironic right? She always hangs out with them, she is not in love in anyone of them cuz they are very ugly and are dirtbags, I have no idea why she be with them, everyone of those douchebags wants to do her, All the girls say Im very nice and the cutest guy in school but she keeps giving me mixed singnals, thats why I havent asked her out again

I dont love her appearance, even though she's the most beautiful girl in the school, I love everything about her, her laughter, her knees, her dumbness, I'm obseesed with her, I wrote ATON of love poems for her(exactly I wrote 213 poems for her), I would like to post them but its very embarrasing lol, anyway I dont read em to her I just write it all in a book, If I had to write what I'd love about her it would be as long as unpaid bills

I could only talk to her alone, specifically in our "freetime" we always talk about videogames and other stuff, and when we do we just clicked :)

Everyday I think about being with her, and when Im with her I feel like all my dreams come true, like lifes worth it, everythings possible, wow thats very gay and cliche of me to say it :)

Now heres that bad part about her, she 13 and she smoked for like a month or two, she dranked once, she is very dumb, not being a dick or an *** but i think she has no future:( I guess its true from what they say Opposites do attract, she sometimes is very dangerous and scary and crazy in a weird, scary, good way?

My friends say leave cuz she is a bad influence, but I love her and I have no idea what to do so please help my situation and no jokes dont got no time for jokes or insults

So should I go ask her out or ditch her?

Also help me out with this situation(I need help everyday lol)

On the last day of the weekday one of the bullies(the ones that she hangs out with) got merged in to my bus and started teasing me a bit and started to shrug me around time to time like a little puppet, and I said F*** Off and the other bullies were like WHOAAAAA!! In a do it again and let see him pop again way, and he said some bad words and I called him a F*g a
Shucks, you ran out of room...

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